Test programme for the May 2 2024 elections

PA conducts extensive tests in advance of elections. The test programme in the first half of 2024 will focus on the polls scheduled for May 2.

Customers are urged to make use of the tests to ensure their systems are correctly set up to handle PA’s elections data.

Tests for the mayoral elections use fictitious candidate names and the results and figures will be randomised. The council election tests use fictitious figures with fairly random council control changes.

All test material is marked clearly as “PA Test” and the word “Test” appears in fictional candidate names.

Users of PA’s elections data in XML format for digital products, accessed via the FTP servers, should note that XML files from tests may be cleared from the test folders a while after the test but will be made available in downloadable zip files on the Example XML page in case still needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR XML USERS: The IDs of entities provided in the election tests are NOT the same as those provided in the real data, such as for parties. Please do NOT configure your system for a real election event using the IDs provided in the test data. THEY WILL NOT BE THE SAME. See the guidance at XML format

Note that tests may be: small = as few as a dozen test results for some if not all polls; medium = test results for about half the authorities/areas/constituencies in all polls; or full = test results for all authorities/areas/constituencies in all polls.

Tests will include recount messages (where provided), corrections and State of Parties statistics.

The provisional test programme will be published here – further tests may be added:

April 22

Limited test from 1815 for around 45 minutes, with councils and a few police and crime commissioner test results.

April 23

Limited test from 1815 for around 45 minutes, with councils and a few mayoral test results.

April 25

Limited test from 1815 for around 45 minutes, with councils and a few London Assembly constituency results.

April 29

Provisional limited test from 1815 for around 45 minutes, with councils and the London Assembly London-wide top-up constituency test result.

May 1

Nominations will be republished for the council, mayoral, police and crime commissioner and London Assembly elections.

Thursday May 2: polling day

Live event: from 2200 on Thursday May 2 through to very late on Friday May 3, and over the weekend.

The start and end of tests will be notified through alerts on PA Now, wire advisories and on twitter @pressassocpolls.

Dates and times are subject to change. Additional tests will take place as needed.

Customers MUST ensure all test data is cleared from their systems before polling day.