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UK Euro election and Peterborough by-election

A European Parliament election is taking place in the UK on May 23 following the postponement of Brexit. PA has delivered full nominations and results coverage for the UK component of these polls in the past and will do so again. See below for an advisory on PA’s coverage of this poll.

Note that PA does not provide EU-wide elections data but covers the outcome in its editorial reports.

A Commons by-election is also taking place at Peterborough on June 6, triggered by a successful recall petition following the conviction of sitting MP Fiona Onasanya for lying about a speeding offence. An advisory about our elections data coverage of this poll is below.

For details of elections messages in XML format used for digital products, see XML Format under Delivery Methods.

The historical XML for polls in more recent years can be found under Example messages, along with test sets.

Note that the historical XML for the UK component of the 2014 Euro elections has been made available for the convenience of customers.

The tests sets include that from a live test carried out on January 22 for a possible snap general election.

The June 2017 snap general election results have also been made available in readable form in the Constituencies section for reference.

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