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PA provides an unrivalled real-time data service for elections and referendums. Nominations data, results rushes, detailed results and statistics are delivered for polls ranging from UK general elections to Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly and London Assembly elections, and from council elections to mayoral and police commissioner elections. Data coverage extends to parliamentary and assembly by-elections.

The Government postponed polls scheduled for May 2020 to May 2021 owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. Elections had been due at councils in England, for the London Mayor and Assembly as well as mayors in devolved English regions and cities, and for police and crime commissioners in England and Wales. These are now taking place at the same time as scheduled elections for the Scottish and Welsh parliaments and English county councils.

The four latest advisories on PA’s elections data coverage of the May 6 polls are below. See Advisories for the full set of advisories for these elections, focusing on wire messages.

For details of elections messages in XML format used for digital products, see XML Format under Delivery Methods.

The historical XML for polls in more recent years can be found under Example messages, along with test sets. The results of the 2019 snap General Election have also been made available in readable form in the Constituencies section for reference purposes.

Advisories detailing the content and process for data coverage of forthcoming polls are provided on this site when an election is called.

The advisories include information on elections messages sent on the wire in plain text (TTY) and data format, along with catchlines and category codes. General information about wire format can be found in the document downloadable from the Wire format page on this site.

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