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Welcome to the Press Association Elections website

May 2016 elections

Information about the Press Association's coverage of nominations and results in the elections set for May 5 is contained in advisories for customers on this website.

See Message specifications for information on PA's elections messages in XML format for digital products as well as a guide to those in plain text (TTY) and data format on the wire.

EU in-out referendum

A referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU or remain within it may take place in 2016 on a date yet to be announced. It will not happen on the same day as the May elections but must be held before the end of 2017.

See the EU in-out referendum advisory for details of PA's results coverage for this poll.


Contact Roger Smith on the PA Elections Desk on 020 7963 7992 or Customer Services on 01430 455337. Alternatively use the e-mail form on the Contact us page.

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