List of General Election parties and abbreviations

The full list of parties and abbreviations being used by PA Media for the 2019 snap General Election is below.

Note that it covers those cases of multiple independent candidates standing in the same constituency, where the party description is made up of “Independent” followed by the candidate’s name, e.g. “Independent Aaron Hudson”. The same kind of differentiation is applied in cases of multiple “No description” candidates standing in the same constituency.

This list covers the parties in the live election. As the test version uses fictional candidate names, differentiated Ind and ND candidates in the test version have party descriptions appropriate for test which do not match live.

Reminder for users of PA’s elections data in XML format: the IDs of entities provided in the election tests – including parties – are NOT the same as those provided in the real data. Please do not configure your system for a real election event using the IDs provided in the test data. THEY WILL NOT BE THE SAME. See the XML format page for more information.

List of General Election parties and abbreviations
Abbreviations of parties standing in the Snap General Election in 2019:
Conservative C
Labour Lab
Labour and Co-operative Lab Co-op
Liberal Democrat LD
Plaid Cymru PC
Scottish National Party SNP
Brexit Party Brexit
The Independent Group for Change Change
Green Green
UK Independence Party UKIP
Democratic Unionist Party DUP
Ulster Unionist Party UUP
Social Democratic and Labour Party SDLP
Sinn Fein SF
Alliance Alliance
Advance Together Advance
Alliance for Green Socialism Green Soc
Animal Welfare Party AWP
Aontu Aontu
Ashfield Independents Ashfield
Best for Luton Luton
Birkenhead Social Justice Party BSJP
British National Party BNP
Burnley and Padiham Party Burnley
Christian Party Christian
Christian Peoples Alliance CPA
Communist League Comm Lge
Communities United Party Communities
CumbriaFirst Cumbria
English Democrats Eng Dem
Gwlad Gwlad Gwlad
Heavy Woollen District Independents Woollen
Independent Ind
Independent Aaron Hudson Ind
Independent Adam Cleary Ind
Independent Adrian Myers Ind
Independent Alan Dorkins Ind
Independent Alfie Utting Ind
Independent Caroline Shah Ind
Independent Chaka Artwell Ind
Independent Christopher Camp Ind
Independent Claire Wright Ind
Independent Count Binface Ind
Independent Daryll Pitcher Ind
Independent David Buckley Ind
Independent David Henwood Ind
Independent David Lindsay Ind
Independent David Mansell Ind
Independent Des Ball Ind
Independent Dominic Grieve Ind
Independent Elcena Jeffers Ind
Independent Elder Roger Mighton Ind
Independent Ian Fleming Ind
Independent Ian Womersley Ind
Independent Ivan Lewis Ind
Independent Jo Beavis Ind
Independent John Robertson Ind
Independent John Usher Ind
Independent Jon Cross Ind
Independent Julian Wilson Ind
Independent Karl Love Ind
Independent Lee McCall Ind
Independent Lorna Rowland Ind
Independent Margaret McMahon-Morris Ind
Independent Mark Barber Ind
Independent Michael Boyle Ind
Independent Mike Powell Ind
Independent Monique Bonney Ind
Independent Natalie Hoy Ind
Independent Neil Wood Ind
Independent Network Network
Independent Nigel Peacock Ind
Independent Noel Coonan Ind
Independent Norma Burke Ind
Independent Paul Bullen Ind
Independent Peter Faithfull Ind
Independent Pete Wilks Ind
Independent Phil Taylor Ind
Independent Richard Browning-Smith Ind
Independent Richard Shaw Ind
Independent Ron Emin Ind
Independent Ross Walker Ind
Independent Roy Dunn Ind
Independent Shaun Sadler Ind
Independent Stewart Mackay Ind
Independent Sue Prior Ind
Independent Terry London Ind
Independent Tim Weller Ind
Independent Tom Varghese Ind
Independent Tony Francis Ind
Independent Tracy Blackwell Ind
Independent Watts Stelling Ind
Independent Wendy Bailey Ind
Independent Wisdom Da Costa Ind
Justice and Anti-Corruption Party JACP
Liberal Lib
Libertarian Party Libertarian
Lincolnshire Independents Lincs
Mebyon Kernow Kernow
Militant Elvis Elvis
Monster Raving Loony Party Loony
Motherworld Party Motherworld
No description ND
No description Bobby Smith ND
No description William Tobin ND
No description Yace Yogenstein ND
Patria Patria
People Before Profit PBP
Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth Oldham
Psychedelic Future Party PFP
Rebooting Democracy Rebooting
Renew Renew
Scottish Christian Party SCP
Scottish Family Party Scot Family
Shropshire Party Salop
Social Democratic Party Soc Dem
Socialist Equality Soc Eq
Socialist Labour Party Soc Lab
Socialist Party of Great Britain SPGB
Space Navies Party Space
The Citizens Movement Party UK Citizens
The Common People People
The Constitution and Reform Party Constitution
The Cynon Valley Party Cynon
The North East Party NE Party
The Peace Party Peace
The Speaker Speaker
The Universal Good Party Universal
The Yorkshire Party Yorkshire
Touch Love Worldwide Touch
Veterans and People's Party VPP
Women's Equality Party Women
Workers' Revolutionary Party WRP
Wycombe Independents Wycombe
Yeshua Yeshua
Young People's Party UK Young
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Snap General in 2017:
Independent Aleks LukicInd
Apolitical Democrats AD
Better For Bradford Bradford
Blue Revolution Blue
Church of the Militant Elvis Elvis
Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance Citizens
Compass Party Compass
Concordia Concordia
Demos Direct Initiative DDI
Friends Party Friends
Greater Manchester Homeless Voice GM Homeless
Humanity Humanity
Independent Aleks Lukic Ind
Independent Arthur Devine Ind
Independent Caroline Shearer Ind
Independent Dale Kalamazad Ind
Independent David Hopkins Ind
Independent David Plumstead Ind
Independent Gavan Reynolds Ind
Independent George Galloway Ind
Independent Gordon Johnson Ind
Independent Grant Smith Ind
Independent Hugh Easterbrook Ind
Independent Hugo Sugg Ind
Independent Iain Scott-Burdon Ind
Independent Ian Fox Ind
Independent James Torrance Ind
Independent Jandy Spurway Ind
Independent John Freeman Ind
Independent Michael Val Davies Ind
Independent Mike Baldock Ind
Independent Mohammed Hanif Ind
Independent Naomi Slade Ind
Independent Nick Martin Ind
Independent Peter Marshall Ind
Independent Phil Gray Ind
Independent Rainbow George Weiss Ind
Independent Robin Lambert Ind
Independent Russell Higgs Ind
Independent Sasha Norris Ind
Independent Sovereign Democratic Britain Sovereign
Independent Sujata Barot Ind
Independent Sylvia Hermon Ind
Independent Tom Darwood Ind
Independent Yemi Hailemariam Ind
Independent Yen Lin Chong Ind
Money Free Party Money
Movement for Active Democracy Active Dem
National Health Action Party NHAP
No description Hussain Khadim ND
No description Lord Buckethead ND
No description Salma Yaqoob ND
North of England Community Alliance North
Open Borders Party Open
Pirate Party UK Pirate
Populist Party Populist
Scotland's Independence Referendum Party Referendum
Something New S New
Southampton Independents Southampton
Southend Independent Association Southend
The Common Good Good
The Just Political Party Just
The New Society of Worth Worth
The Radical Party Radical
The Realists' Party Realist
Traditional Unionist Voice TUV
War Veteran's Pro-Traditional Family Party WVPTFP
Wessex Regionalist Wessex Reg
Workers' Party WP
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Lewisham East by-election in 2018:
Democrats and Veterans PartyDVP
For Britain MovementFBM
Young People's PartyYPP
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Newport West by-election in 2019:
Abolish Welsh AssemblyAssembly
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Peterborough by-election in 2019:
Christian People's AllianceCPA
Common GoodCG
No description MooreND
No description SmithND
UK European Union PartyUKEUP