Parties list for November 6 elections data test

A full snap General Election test will take place on Wednesday November 6 from 9.30am over about eight hours.

The latest test uses the spread of parties and candidates from the general election in June 2017 but with the addition of the Brexit and Change parties and some adjustments to take account of more recent suspensions and defections. See below for the list of parties being used in this test.

See the test programme for the dates and times of other tests in the run-up to polling day.

Parties and abbreviations for November 6 test
Abbreviations of parties standing in the Test Snap General Election:
Conservative C
Labour and CooperativeLab Co-op
Liberal DemocratLD
Plaid CymruPC
Scottish National PartySNP
Brexit PartyBrexit
The Independent Group for ChangeChange
UK Independence PartyUKIP
Democratic Unionist PartyDUP
Ulster Unionist PartyUUP
Social Democratic and Labour PartySDLP
Sinn FeinSF
Alliance for Green SocialismGreen Soc
Animal Welfare PartyAWP
Apolitical DemocratsAD
Better For BradfordBradford
Blue RevolutionBlue
British National PartyBNP
Christian Peoples AllianceCPA
Church of the Militant ElvisElvis
Citizens Independent Social Thought AllianceCitizens
Communist LeagueComm Lge
Compass PartyCompass
Demos Direct InitiativeDDI
English DemocratsEng Dem
Friends PartyFriends
Greater Manchester Homeless VoiceGM Homeless
Independent Andrew Newton TestInd
Independent Anne Hawkins TestInd
Independent Anne Hutton TestInd
Independent Barbara Jones TestInd
Independent Bob Squire TestInd
Independent Dave Brown TestInd
Independent David Cooper TestInd
Independent Dick Morgan TestInd
Independent Dick Robinson TestInd
Independent Dot Griffiths TestInd
Independent Gerald Gibson TestInd
Independent Helen Newton TestInd
Independent Ian Reid TestInd
Independent Jim Charlesworth TestInd
Independent John Bennett TestInd
Independent John Jenkins TestInd
Independent John Randall TestInd
Independent John Stuart TestInd
Independent John Taylor TestInd
Independent Judith King TestInd
Independent Ken Muir TestInd
Independent Marc Ritchie TestInd
Independent Margaret Cooke TestInd
Independent Michael McKee TestInd
Independent Micky Stevenson TestInd
Independent Micky Taylor TestInd
Independent Pamela Thomas TestInd
Independent Pete Browne TestInd
Independent Peter Bell TestInd
Independent Sovereign Democratic BritainSovereign
Independent Steve Day TestInd
Independent Tim Shaw TestInd
Independent Vince Day TestInd
Independent Yvonne Moss TestInd
Justice and Anti-Corruption PartyJACP
Libertarian PartyLibertarian
Money Free PartyMoney
Monster Raving Loony PartyLoony
Movement for Active DemocracyActive Dem
National Health Action PartyNHAP
No descriptionND
No description Andy Shaw TestND
No description Dave Shaw TestND
No description Mary Reed TestND
No description Peter Shaw TestND
North of England Community AllianceNorth
Open Borders PartyOpen
People Before ProfitPBP
Pirate Party UKPirate
Populist PartyPopulist
Rebooting DemocracyRebooting
Scotland's Independence Referendum PartyReferendum
Scottish Christian PartySCP
Social Democratic PartySoc Dem
Socialist Labour PartySoc Lab
Socialist Party of Great BritainSPGB
Something NewS New
Southampton IndependentsSouthampton
Southend Independent AssociationSouthend
Space Navies PartySpace
The Common GoodGood
The Just Political PartyJust
The New Society of WorthWorth
The North East PartyNE Party
The Peace PartyPeace
The Radical PartyRadical
The Realists' PartyRealist
The SpeakerSpeaker
The Yorkshire PartyYorkshire
Traditional Unionist VoiceTUV
War Veteran's Pro-Traditional Family PartyWVPTFP
Wessex RegionalistWessex Reg
Women's Equality PartyWomen
Workers' PartyWP
Workers' Revolutionary PartyWRP
Young People's Party UKYoung
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Snap General in 2017:
Independent Aleks LukicInd
Independent Arthur DevineInd
Independent Caroline ShearerInd
Independent Claire WrightInd
Independent Dale KalamazadInd
Independent David HopkinsInd
Independent David PlumsteadInd
Independent Gavan ReynoldsInd
Independent George GallowayInd
Independent Gordon JohnsonInd
Independent Grant SmithInd
Independent Hugh EasterbrookInd
Independent Hugo SuggInd
Independent Iain Scott-BurdonInd
Independent Ian FoxInd
Independent James TorranceInd
Independent Jandy SpurwayInd
Independent John FreemanInd
Independent Lee McCallInd
Independent Michael Val DaviesInd
Independent Mike BaldockInd
Independent Mohammed HanifInd
Independent Naomi SladeInd
Independent Nick MartinInd
Independent Peter FaithfullInd
Independent Peter MarshallInd
Independent Phil GrayInd
Independent Rainbow George WeissInd
Independent Robin LambertInd
Independent Russell HiggsInd
Independent Sasha NorrisInd
Independent Sujata BarotInd
Independent Sylvia HermonInd
Independent Tom DarwoodInd
Independent Yemi HailemariamInd
Independent Yen Lin ChongInd
No description Bobby SmithND
No description Hussain KhadimND
No description Lord BucketheadND
No description Salma YaqoobND
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Lewisham East by-election in 2018:
Democrats and Veterans PartyDVP
For Britain MovementFBM
Young People's PartyYPP
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Newport West by-election in 2019:
Abolish Welsh AssemblyAssembly
Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Peterborough by-election in 2019:
Christian People's AllianceCPA
Common GoodCG
No description MooreND
No description SmithND
UK European Union PartyUKEUP