Commons by-election: Southend West

Voters go to the polls in a Commons by-election at Southend West on February 3 caused by the fatal stabbing of sitting Conservative MP Sir David Amess.

Nominations closed: Tuesday January 11 at 1600.
Polling: Thursday, February 3 from 0700 to 2200.
The result is expected early on Friday February 4.

For details of messages in XML format for digital products, please see the relevant advisories at Message Specifications.




Anna Firth (C)

Graham Moore (Eng Const)

Catherine Blaiklock (Eng Dem)

Christopher Anderson (FA)

Ben Downton (Heritage)

Jayda Fransen (Ind)

Olga Childs (ND)

Jason Pilley (Psych Movement)

Steve Laws (UKIP)

Eligible electorate: 66,462.

Nominations messages are sent with candidates’ names and parties and a summary of the previous election result.

Party abbreviations

Conservative – C

English Constitutional – Eng Cons

English Democrat – Eng Dem

Freedom Alliance – FA

Heritage Party – Heritage

Independent – Ind

No Description – ND

Psychedelic Movement – Psych Movement

UK Independence Party – UKIP

Additional party in this seat at the 2019 UK General Election:

Labour – Llab

Liberal Democrat – Lib Dem

Results – content


As soon as the result is declared, a rush message will be sent giving the winning party.
Example text:

Con hold in Southend West

This will be followed by the full result message.
This will give details of party hold or gain from another party, followed by candidates in votes order, giving their votes, percentage share, percentage share change since the 2019 General Election, plus majority, percentage majority, swing from the 2019 election, turnout, percentage turnout and turnout percentage change since 2019.
The swing will be between the winning party and the losing party if the constituency changes hands and between first and second candidates where there is no change.
A summary of the previous election result and any intervening by-election results will be included.

If a result has to be corrected, a fresh full result message will be sent – marked as a correction in wire messages or with a higher version number in XML for digital. Where there is a change to a winning party, a rush correction will be sent in the same way.

December 2019 UK General Election result

Southend West

Conservative hold

Amess (C) 27,555 (59.21%); Line (Lab) 13,096 (28.14%); Stimson (LD)

5,312 (11.41%); Joseph (Ind) 574 (1.23%)

Con maj 14,459 (31.07%)

Electorate 69,043; Turnout 46,537 (67.40%)

XML Format for digital


Nominations messages with candidate details, rush messages with the winning party, and full result messages are provided in XML format for digital.
For details of messages in XML format, please see the relevant advisories at Message Specifications. As well as a detailed advisory on XML format, advisories include descriptions of specific XML messages and examples of historical and test XML (sets are provided in downloadable zip folders).

Wire formats


Nominations messages with candidate details will be catchlined ELECTION Nominations followed by the name of the election. Example:

ELECTION Nominations Airdrie by-election

The nominations message will be category-coded:
XTA for plain text (TTY)
XDA for data format.

Rush messages with the winning party will be catchlined POLL and a constituency reference followed by the constituency serial number, 1. Example:

POLL Airdrie 1
The rush (in plain text) will be category-coded: XTJ
This will be followed by the full result message under the same catchline, POLL Airdrie 1
The full result will be category-coded:
XTB for plain text (TTY)
XDB for data format.

Historical (2010) examples in plain text (TTY) and data format:

Lab hold
*Iain Wright (Lab) 16,267 (42.54%, -8.97%)
Alan Wright (C) 10,758 (28.13%, +16.68%)
Reg Clark (LD) 6,533 (17.08%, -13.32%)
Stephen Allison (UKIP) 2,682 (7.01%, +3.47%)
Ronnie Bage (BNP) 2,002 (5.24%)
Lab maj 5,509 (14.41%)
12.82% swing Lab to C
Electorate 68,923; Turnout 38,242 (55.49%, +3.96%)
2005: Lab maj 7,478 (21.10%) – Turnout 35,436 (51.52%)
Wright (Lab) 18,251 (51.50%); Dunn (LD) 10,773 (30.40%); Vigar (C)
4,058 (11.45%); Springer (UKIP) 1,256 (3.54%); Harrison (Soc Lab) 373
(1.05%); Ryder (Green) 288 (0.81%); Hobbs (Ind) 275 (0.78%);
Headbanger (Loony) 162 (0.46%)

{00}296} }HARTLEPOOL} }} }68,923} }38,242} }55.49} }+3.96} }} }} }
{02}Lab} }hold} }} }5,509} }14.41} }12.82} }C} }Lab
{03}*} }*} }} }Iain} }Wright} }Lab} }16,267} }42.54} }-8.97} }} }
{03}} }} }} }Alan} }Wright} }C} }10,758} }28.13} }+16.68} }} }
{03}} }} }} }Reg} }Clark} }LD} }6,533} }17.08} }-13.32} }} }
{03}} }} }} }Stephen} }Allison} }UKIP} }2,682} }7.01} }+3.47} }} }
{03}} }} }} }Ronnie} }Bage} }BNP} }2,002} }5.24} }} }} }
{06}G} }May} }2005} }Lab} }7,478} }21.10} }35,436} }51.52
{07}*} }Wright} }Lab} }18,251} }51.50
{07}} }Dunn} }LD} }10,773} }30.40
{07}} }Vigar} }C} }4,058} }11.45
{07}} }Springer} }UKIP} }1,256} }3.54
{07}} }Harrison} }Soc Lab} }373} }1.05
{07}} }Ryder} }Green} }288} }0.81
{07}} }Hobbs} }Ind} }275} }0.78
{07}} }Headbanger} }Loony} }162} }0.46

If a result has to be corrected, the catchline will be styled POLL Correction followed by the constituency name and serial number. Example: POLL Correction Southend West 1. Where there is a change to the winning party a rush correction will be sent, catchlined POLL Correction Southend West 1.
Note that data format is an old specification used in the past for print. Although it is still supported, customers are encouraged to switch to using the XML version for print purposes instead.
Further information about wire formats can be found in the detailed document at