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Welcome to the Press Association Elections website

Information about the Press Association’s nominations and results coverage of forthcoming elections will appear in advisories on this site.

For details of elections messages in XML format used for digital products, see XML Format under Message specifications. The historical XML for the May 3 local and mayoral elections can be found under Example messages, along with test sets.

The General Election results have also been made available in the Constituencies section for reference.


Speak to Elections Editor Roger Smith on 020 7963 7992 or email via the Contact us page. During nominations or election events, phone the Elections Desk on 020 7963 7992, Newsdesk on 020 7963 7146 or Customer Services on 01430 455337.

Customers, especially digital-only customers who do not see PA wire advisories, may wish to follow @pressassocpolls on twitter for technical and operational updates from the Elections Desk.

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