Police Commissioner By-election: Northumbria

A by-election for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria is set to take place on Thursday July 18, after the incumbent, Dame Vera Baird, stepped down following her appointment as the new Victims’ Commissioner.

The supplementary voting (SV) system is used, exactly the same as that used for mayoral contests.
Under SV, if no candidate obtains more than half the vote, all runners other than the top two are eliminated and their alternative preferences distributed to the survivors.

Nominations closed: 1600 on Friday June 21
Polling: from 0700 to 2200 on Thursday July 18
Declarations: during the day on Friday July 19

Force area: Northumbria

Headquarters: Wallsend
Area covers: Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland.


1. Northumbria

Robbie Moore (C)
Kim McGuinness (Lab)
Jonathan Wallace (LD)
Georgina Hill (Ind)

Eligible electorate: 1,041,562

Nominations messages will be sent with candidates’ names and parties and a summary of the previous election result.

Material will be provided in XML format for digital via the FTP servers and will be sent on the wire in plain text (TTY) format.

The party order for nominations is: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Brexit Party, Green, UK Independence Party followed by minor parties ranked alphabetically by party name.

Party abbreviations

Conservative – C
Labour – Lab
Liberal Democrats – LD
Independent – Ind

May 2016 election result

(First Count)
*Vera Baird (Lab) 180,479 (55.32%, -0.70%)
Stewart Hay (C) 58,713 (18.00%, -7.64%)
Melanie Hurst (UKIP) 52,293 (16.03%, +5.47%)
Jonathan Wallace (LD) 34,757 (10.65%, +2.87%)

Elected: Vera Baird

Eliminated: Stewart Hay, Melanie Hurst, Jonathan Wallace

Electorate 1,040,405; Turnout 326,242 (31.36%, +14.91%)

2012: Turnout 178,807 (16.45%)
First Count – Baird (Lab) 100,170; Butler (C) 45,845; Baxter (Ukip)
18,876; Andras (LD) 13,916. Elected: Baird

Rushes and Results

When a candidate is declared elected, a rush message will be sent including the winning candidate’s name and party and the round (one or two) in which they were elected.

Results messages will be sent after each round of counting.

Under first count details, we will give candidates in vote order with their party, vote, vote share and change since the previous elections.

This will be followed, if there is to be a second round, with the names of candidates eliminated in the first. The second round result will include the first round details.
The names of eliminated candidates whose transfer votes are being distributed will be listed.
The names of the two remaining candidates with their second round votes will be given.
The winning candidate will be indicated.
The result will include the electorate, turnout and turnout change. The previous election details will be given in the wire message. XML users should draw these details from the nominations files.

As an example of a result after two rounds of counting, the June 2003 North Tyneside mayoral by-election result in plain text (TTY) on the wire was as follows:

(First Count)
Linda Arkley (C) 18,478 (43.07%, +7.21%)
Dr Gordon Adam (Lab) 13,070 (30.46%, -1.74%)
Michael Huscroft (LD) 8,404 (19.59%, -0.66%)
Robert Batten (NF) 2,554 (5.95%)
Louise van der Hoeven (Soc All) (0.93%, -2.55%)

Eliminated: Robert Batten, Michael Huscroft, Louise van der Hoeven

(Second Count)
Distribution of Batten’s, Huscroft’s and van der Hoeven’s votes

Linda Arkley (C) 21,288
Dr Gordon Adam (Lab) 16,427

Elected: Linda Arkley

Electorate 139,384; Turnout 42,906 (30.78%, -11.54%)

2002: Turnout 60,865 (42.32%)
First Count – Morgan (C) 21,829; Darke (Lab) 19,601; Huscroft (LD)
12,323; Pond (Ind PF) 4,993; Elliott (Soc All) 2,119. Elected: Morgan

If a result has to be corrected, a fresh full result message will be sent – marked as a correction in wire messages or with a higher version number in XML for digital. Where there is a change to a winning party, a rush correction will be sent in the same way.

XML Format for digital

Nominations messages with candidate details, rush messages with the winning party, and full result messages are provided in XML format for digital.

For details of messages in XML format, please see the relevant advisories at Message Specifications. As well as a detailed advisory on XML format, advisories include descriptions of specific XML messages and examples of historical and test XML (sets are provided in downloadable zip folders).

Wire formats

Nominations messages with candidate details will be catchlined ELECTION Nominations Police, category-coded XTA

Rushes and results will be catchlined POLL Police followed by the area serial number, 1.

Category codes will be XTJ for rushes and XTP for results.

Example of a rush message from the 2016 poll:

Vera Baird (Lab) elected on first count at Northumbria

See the 2016 full result above as an example of a single-round result and the 2003 by-election result above as an example of a two-round result, in plain text (TTY) on the wire.

Further information about wire formats can be found in the detailed document at https://election.pressassociation.com/Specifications/wire.php