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General Election Parties

The Press Association’s list of parties in the 2017 snap general election is below along with the abbreviations being used by PA.

This page also carries the lists for additional parties that featured in the preceding 2015 general election as well as intervening by-elections.

Note that there are many cases where the party description is given as “Independent [candidate name]”, e.g. “Independent Alex Lukics”, while the abbreviation is “Ind” – the same as when the party description is simply “Independent”. The reason for this is the system used by PA to differentiate in cases of more than one independent standing in the same constituency. They are distinguished in the constituency nominations and results by adding the candidates’ names to the “Independent” party description but the fact they still use the “Ind” abbreviation means they are grouped together for statistical purposes.

The same arrangement is applied in cases where more than one “No description” candidate (abbreviation “ND”) is standing in the same constituency.

Note that candidates standing with the party description “Labour Co-op” are counted with Labour in the statistics.

Speaker John Bercow, standing for re-election as The Speaker at Buckingham, is counted among the Conservatives as he was elected as a Conservative prior to becoming Speaker.

Abbreviations of parties standing in the Snap General Election in 2017

Conservative C
Labour Lab
Labour and Co-operative Lab Co-op
Liberal Democrat LD
Plaid Cymru PC
Scottish National Party SNP
Green Green
UK Independence Party UKIP
Democratic Unionist Party DUP
Ulster Unionist Party UUP
Social Democratic and Labour Party SDLP
Sinn Fein SF
Alliance Alliance
Alliance for Green Socialism Green Soc
Animal Welfare Party AWP
Apolitical Democrats AD
Better For Bradford Bradford
Blue Revolution Blue
British National Party BNP
Christian Peoples Alliance CPA
Church of the Militant Elvis Elvis
Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance Citizens
Communist League Comm Lge
Compass Party Compass
Concordia Concordia
Demos Direct Initiative DDI
English Democrats Eng Dem
Friends Party Friends
Greater Manchester Homeless Voice GM Homeless
Humanity Humanity
Independent Ind
Independent Aleks Lukic Ind
Independent Arthur Devine Ind
Independent Caroline Shearer Ind
Independent Claire Wright Ind
Independent Dale Kalamazad Ind
Independent David Hopkins Ind
Independent David Plumstead Ind
Independent Gavan Reynolds Ind
Independent George Galloway Ind
Independent Gordon Johnson Ind
Independent Grant Smith Ind
Independent Hugh Easterbrook Ind
Independent Hugo Sugg Ind
Independent Iain Scott-Burdon Ind
Independent Ian Fox Ind
Independent James Torrance Ind
Independent Jandy Spurway Ind
Independent John Freeman Ind
Independent Lee McCall Ind
Independent Michael Val Davies Ind
Independent Mike Baldock Ind
Independent Mohammed Hanif Ind
Independent Naomi Slade Ind
Independent Nick Martin Ind
Independent Peter Faithfull Ind
Independent Peter Marshall Ind
Independent Phil Gray Ind
Independent Rainbow George Weiss Ind
Independent Robin Lambert Ind
Independent Russell Higgs Ind
Independent Sasha Norris Ind
Independent Sovereign Democratic Britain Sovereign
Independent Sujata Barot Ind
Independent Sylvia Hermon Ind
Independent Tom Darwood Ind
Independent Yemi Hailemariam Ind
Independent Yen Lin Chong Ind
Justice and Anti-Corruption Party JACP
Liberal Lib
Libertarian Party Libertarian
Money Free Party Money
Monster Raving Loony Party Loony
Movement for Active Democracy Active Dem
National Health Action Party NHAP
No description ND
No description Bobby Smith ND
No description Hussain Khadim ND
No description Lord Buckethead ND
No description Salma Yaqoob ND
North of England Community Alliance North
Open Borders Party Open
Patria Patria
People Before Profit PBP
Pirate Party UK Pirate
Populist Party Populist
Rebooting Democracy Rebooting
Scotland's Independence Referendum Party Referendum
Scottish Christian Party SCP
Social Democratic Party Soc Dem
Socialist Labour Party Soc Lab
Socialist Party of Great Britain SPGB
Something New S New
Southampton Independents Southampton
Southend Independent Association Southend
Space Navies Party Space
The Common Good Good
The Just Political Party Just
The New Society of Worth Worth
The North East Party NE Party
The Peace Party Peace
The Radical Party Radical
The Realists' Party Realist
The Speaker Speaker
The Yorkshire Party Yorkshire
Traditional Unionist Voice TUV
War Veteran's Pro-Traditional Family Party WVPTFP
Wessex Regionalist Wessex Reg
Women's Equality Party Women
Workers' Party WP
Workers' Revolutionary Party WRP
Young People's Party UK Young

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the General Election in 2015

Independents for Bristol Bristol
Above and Beyond Party Above
All People's Party AP
Alter Change - Politics Only Different Change
Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog Zeb
Apni Apni
Beer, Baccy and Scratchings Beer BS
Bournemouth Independent Alliance Bournemouth
British Democrats Brit Dem
British Independents Brit Ind
Campaign Party Campaign
Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol CSA
Children of the Atom Atom
Christian Christian
Christian Movement for Great Britain Ch M
Christian Party Ch P
Class War Class War
Common Sense Party CSP
Communist Communist
Communist Party Comm
Communist Party of Britain Comm Brit
Communities United Party Community
Consensus Consensus
Democratic Reform Party Dem Ref
Digital Democracy Digital
Europeans Party EP
Free Public Transport Party FPT
Guildford Greenbelt Group Guildford
Hoi Polloi Hoi
Independence from Europe IE
Independent Andy Higgins Ind
Independent Bruce Gauld Ind
Independent Carlton Reeve Ind
Independent Community and Health Concern Ind CHC
Independent Craig Pond Ind
Independent David Brass Ind
Independent Des Comerford Ind
Independent Giles Wareham Ind
Independent Grace Astley Ind
Independent Harvey Hines Ind
Independent James Stephenson Ind
Independent Jenny Thompson Ind
Independent Jim Wild Ind
Independent John Blackie Ind
Independent John Hobbs Ind
Independent John Marshall Ind
Independent John Millward Ind
Independent Jon Collings Ind
Independent Kerry Smith Ind
Independent Lawrence Chard Ind
Independent Michael Doherty Ind
Independent Mike Rigby Ind
Independent Nick Gregory Ind
Independent Paul Elsom Ind
Independent Political Alliance Party IPAP
Independent Robin Scott Ind
Independents Against Social Injustice IASI
Independent Save Withybush Save Lives ISWSL
Independent Seb Soar Ind
Independent Simon Killane Ind
Independent Stephen Fulton Ind
Independent Stephen Picton Ind
Independent Stuart Hooper Ind
Islam Zinda Baad Platform IZB
Justice For Men & Boys JMB
Keep it Real Real
Land Party LP
Left Unity LU
Liberty GB Lib GB
Lincolnshire Independents Lincs Ind
Magna Carta Party Magna Carta
Mainstream Mainstream
Manston Airport Independent Party Manston
Mebyon Kernow Meb Ker
National Front NF
National Liberal Party Nat Lib
New Independent Centralists New IC
No description Mike Walters ND
No description Roger Peacock ND
Northern Party Northern
Party for a United Thanet Thanet
Patriotic Socialist Party PSP
People First PF
Poole People Poole
Population Party UK PP UK
Putting Croydon First! Croydon
Red Flag Anti-Corruption RFAC
Reduce VAT In Sport VAT
Removing the Politicians RTP
Republican Socialist Rep Soc
Residents for Uttlesford Uttlesford
Respect the Unity Coalition Respect
Restore the Family Restore
Rochdale First Party Rochdale
Scottish Communist Party Scottish CP
Scottish Socialist Party SSP
Socialist Equality Party SEP
The 30-50 Coalition 30-50
The Birthday Party Birthday
The Democratic Party DP
The Eccentric Party of Great Britain Eccentric
The Evolution Party TEP
The Pilgrim Party Pilgrim
The Pluralist Party Plural
The Principles of Politics Party PPP
The Roman Party Ave Roman
The Southport Party Southport
The Sustainable Population Party TSPP
The UK Progressive Democracy Party UKPDP
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition TUSC
Ubuntu Party Ubuntu
U Party U Party
Vapers in Power Vapers
Vote Elmo Elmo
We Are The Reality Party Reality
Whig Party Whig
Wigan Independents Wigan
World Peace Through Song Song
Yorkshire First Yorks
Your Vote Could Save Our Hospital Hospital

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough election in 2016

Give Me Back Elmo GMBE

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Tooting by-election in 2016

Immigrants Political Party Immigrants
Independent Smiley Smillie Ind
Independent Zia Samadani Ind
Independent Zirwa Javaid Ind
One Love Party Love

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Batley & Spen election in 2016

English Independence Eng Ind
Independent Khan Ind
Independent Kitchin Ind
Independent Mayhew Ind

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Witney election in 2016

Bus-Pass Elvis Party BP Elvis
Eccentric Party of Great Britain Eccentric
Independent Knight Ind
Independent Skidmore Ind
Independent Ward Ind

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Richmond Park by-election in 2016

Independent Goldsmith Ind
Independent Syms Ind

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election in 2016

No description Coyne ND
No description Suffield ND

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Stoke Central election in 2017

Independent Barbara Fielding Ind
Independent Mohammed Akram Ind

Abbreviations of additional parties which stood in the Copeland election in 2017

Independent Michael Guest Ind
Independent Roy Ivinson Ind